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  1. MarketWatch – “JFK: 50 Years Later” Launched on Sirius XM to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy Assassination
  2.  WAMC Radio – Botched Investigation Fuels Kennedy Conspiracy Theories
  3. Live Science – 10 Persistent Kennedy Assassination Theories
  4. – JFK books:  Look at Nov. 22, 1963, by Life has broad appeal
  5. Gainesville Times –  JFK, 50 years later:  Who killed the 35th president?  Half a century later, JFK conspiracies still thrive
  6. The Birmingham News – New releases on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy are available at the Birmingham Public Library
  7. Philadelphia Magazine – Someone Wake me When the JFK Assassination Anniversary Is Over
  8. Business Day Live –  LETTER FROM AMERICA:  JFK assassination let LBJ fulfill his great liberal bent
  9. NJ.COM -  What Fran’s Reading:  Three authors, three conclusions on what happened in Dallas
  10.  Observer – Roger Stone’s New Book Says L.B.J. Killed Kennedy
  11. Lions of Liberty –  Roger Stone-Did LBJ Kill JFK?
  12. Right Pundits – Book Review – The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case Against LBJ
  13. Radar Online – Shocking Claim! Former Nixon Aide Alleges Alleges Lyndon B. Johnson Arranged JFK’s Assassination In New Book
  14. Free Press Standard – Kennedy assassination continues to spark memories, books on who was responsible for killing a president
  15. New York Post – Inside the world of JFK conspiracy theories
  16.  Micro Finance Monitor –  Inside the world of JFK conspiracy theories
  17.  Alex Jones INFOWARS – Roger Stone:  LBJ had Kennedy killed
  18. Day on The Day –  Stone does Dallas with JFK book on 50th anniversary of death
  19. 19.  Breaking The Set – Nixon’s Dirty Trickster:  LBJ Killed JFK/ Interview with Roger Stone
  20. The Sunday Times UK – Nixon said Lyndon Johnson killed JFK, claims new book
Articles 1 Articles 2 Articles 3